The Ameraucana Alliance

A breed club representing Bantam and Large Fowl Ameraucana chickens.


Ameraucana Website

Our Ameraucana Website has information about Ameraucana chickens and our breed club.  There is a “Join” menu tab there to easily become an Alliance member.  Other menu tabs include a summary of the APA’s Ameraucana Standard, Archived Ameraucana Handbooks & Newsletters, dates of Ameraucana Meets, Photos/Gallery, History, and much more.

Ameraucana Forum

Our Ameraucana Forum is the place for discussion.  Members ask and answer questions related to all aspects of our Ameraucana chickens and breed club.  Only dues paying Alliance members can view our Members Only section and post Q&As on our Ameraucana Forum.  For full access go to our website and click on the “Join” menu tab for membership information.

Ameraucana Directory

Our Ameraucana Directory is a list of our Alliance club members who offer Ameraucana hatching eggs, day-old chicks and/or adult birds for sale.  These members generally do not have eggs, chicks, and adult birds available year round.  The Alliance cannot attest to the quality of the product you may receive and does not make endorsements. Please check references before ordering.  All purchases made are at the buyers own risk.

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