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Gina Neta

I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and went to school in the small town of Stephenson.  My family consisted of Mom, Dad and one older brother.  I was the only one who had been bitten by the “I love animals” bug and was especially enamored with horses.  I became involved in 4-H and started showing horses as soon as I was old enough – 9 years old I believe.  My love of horses and drive to compete within the horse show world continued for years and is with me yet today, however my active passion seems to have switched to poultry.


My poultry hobby got its start several years back when my youngest son finished high school and moved to Rhode Island to get his career started.  I think they call this phenomenon “Empty Nest Syndrome”.  I can vouch for that because my nest felt empty and I naturally turned to eggs and chickens to fill it.  I attended a local Poultry Club meeting and met many fantastic people who have supported and enabled me along this journey.  It is here that I met my wonderful mentor Jim Fegan.  Jim was obviously accomplished, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful to me with my ten thousand questions. My first hatching eggs were given to me by him – I believe they were Chanteclers and Ameraucanas.


Today I continue with Chanteclers in White – Large Fowl.  I also dabble with Barred Plymouth Rocks and Ameraucanas.  It is so hard to limit yourself to just a few breeds – a request I hear so often from my husband Richard.  Speaking of whom, Richard is a carpenter and if you know anything about chickens you always need one more coop / pen / area / spot / cage / brooder / breeding pen / etc.  Richard has continually and beautifully provided all of those “one more” items, soliciting a promise from me that ‘this one more thing is it – you won’t be asking me to build any more … right?’  In good conscience I cannot agree. He’s a good sport.  


Ameraucanas have always been in my flock, and I have taken an even greater interest in them lately.  I currently have a nice breeding group of Black, Blue and Splash individuals, as well as a small breeding group of Whites – all large fowl.  My love for showing poultry dates back many decades to my love for competition and drive for continual improvement.  I have met some truly wonderful, supportive, kind, patient, and generous people in the poultry fancy.  I am grateful to each and every one of them for encouraging and supporting me and for the deep friendships we’ve built along the way.


Gina Neta <gneta831 [at]>


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