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Jeannette Frank


My introduction to poultry probably began when I was born, a long, long time ago.  I was  the fourth child in a family of three boys and three girls.  As long as I can remember my parents kept chickens, primarily for meat and eggs.


When my family moved from Darby, MT to Great Falls, MT in the mid 1940's a change was made as to why we kept poultry.  We began to keep fryers to sell and fresh eggs also.  I was the keeper of the chicks when they were shipped in via Sears (remember those days?) and when I was old enough to handle an axe I became the axman.


For a long time after I graduated from high school I was away from poultry. When I moved to Tarpon Springs, FL with my four children we became involved with chickens, thanks to a neighbor that kept a nice flock.  Our interest in chickens began to take on individual breeds and varieties. I learned to inoculate for fowl pox (over 300 chickens as I did my neighbors also).  And I began to do research on poultry.


When the kids and I moved from Tarpon Springs, FL back to Great Falls, MT we gave up the flock of chickens we had to make the trip easier on all of us.  After we got settled we began to acquire chickens again but keeping it to special breeds and varieties.  And we began showing.  I began clerking and developed an interest in judging.  I had some great judges to work with and learned so much.  I still have great judges to work with.  I got my judge’s license and do enjoy working with the poultry.


My judging began with small county fairs around the state but I have been lucky enough to have judged in several states.   I found homes for my remaining chickens when my youngest graduated from high school and joined the Navy in 1991.  One of my biggest joys in judging is the 4-Hers.  I have a large collection of index cards that I have acquired thru my years of research and those are what I use for the 4-H and FFA groups.  I truly have fun with the young people.  They are a good challenge for me.


I have four children, six grandchildren, three great grandchildren of my own plus three step children, four step grandchildren and seven step great grandchildren.  My oldest daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter live in TX, my other two daughters live here in Great Falls as does my oldest grandson and his two sons. My youngest lives in the Philippines with his wife and four children. I enjoy gardening, knitting, crocheting, reading and fishing with my husband, Jerry, and spoiled dog, Dude.  I have held many jobs in my lifetime, librarian, storyteller, bookkeeper, general office work, payroll clerk and have held most positions in several poultry associations including the Ameraucana.


Jeannette Frank <jljfrank [at]>


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