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Jensen Pierson


Jensen was born on June 1, 1994 and is from the small town of Wilmington, Ohio where she lives with her parents, Doug and Debbie Pierson on their 40-acre farm.  Jensen has always loved all kinds of animals. Her passion for farming and livestock originated from her childhood reading of Little House on the Prairie in 1st grade.


When she was old enough her mother enrolled her in 4H and signed her up for cooking and sewing projects. The next year, 2006, Jensen wanted to do an animal project. It turned out that her best friend had chickens, and was taking them as a 4H project, so Jensen convinced her parents to let her go to TSC and pick out 12 chicks. In Jensenís 2nd year taking a fancy chicken project she won reserve grand champion female at the fair with an ďAmeraucanaĒ (Easter egger) hen. Realizing what she had was not a real Ameraucana she decided to order real Ameraucana chicks from a breeder in Michigan. 


Jensenís chicken bug soon turned into a poultry bug. With this new love she took market chickens, turkeys, ducks, and even pheasants to the county fair. Jensen went on to competing at the state level with her exhibition birds and market chickens. In addition she also discovered the open poultry shows in 2008 and started to compete there in both the open and Jr. divisions.  In 2009 she went to the Ohio National with a buff Ameraucana hen and discovered the Ameraucana Breeders Club. 


Since then Jensen has pursued college at Wilmington, graduating May of 2017 with an Animal Science Major. Jensen continues to raise Ameraucanas originating from the chicks she bought from Michigan as well as Dorking chickens she obtained from the same friend who had chickens as a 4H project in 2006. Jensen now has a business on her farm selling pastured poultry products in meat and eggs. Jensenís other passions include horses and art. She serves on her county 4H poultry committee and is an advisor for a 4H club


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