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Board of Directors

Jerry Segler


I grew up in Bartonville, Illinois, near Peoria.  My wife, Janet, and I married in 1970.  We raised two children, a son and a daughter.  I retired after 30 years of service from Caterpillar Tractor Co., having mostly worked in the machine shop and spending some time in the shipping department.  During periods of layoff from 1982 thru 1987 I worked at Kelly Seed and Hardware and Rumbold Valley Farms/grain elevator.  My hobbies include fishing, hunting and gardening.  I tinker with genetics in chickens, plants and just about anything I raise.  We make several trips to northern Minnesota every summer.  We have lake property that was part of my parentís estate.  My brother has a cabin and some land here.  Iím in the process of preparing to build a cabin.  For now we have a pole barn and camping trailer on the property.


Jerry Segler <jerrysegler [at]>


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