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Title: Motel for our Ameraucana Eastern National in October 2019
Post by: Jeffery Vance on April 24, 2019, 10:13:21 AM
         I finally got an answer back from Quality Inn in Greenville, Ohio 937-316-5252   The regular rate is $109 plus tax. but when you call you have to mention the Dayton Fancy Feather Club discount and it will be less, and the room rate withthe club discount will be $89 plus tax, and they normally block up to 32 rooms, is what I was told.   
     Remember, for disability rooms call early, they have no elevators.   if I remember correctly.
I have reached out to the Holiday Inn there since Russ said he needed help, and have not heard back anything from them.  And this weekend for the show in Greenville is a little higher with the rate being $109 plus tax with the discount.
     Now where the dinner will be held for the club in October is going to be a task.   Any locals that can help find somewhere PLEASE HELP and contact Russell Blair, Stan Alder or me.