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Breeding / Re: New Hampshire pattern project
« Last post by Frederick Mansfield on February 12, 2023, 10:14:42 AM »
Thanks for the replies, and it’s nice to have others working on similar projects to share notes on. I’ve also discovered males were hard to get good mahogany plumage. I had debated on sacrificing some progress to go back to Rhode Island Reds to try and get a better colored male but I’ve decided to wait and see what I can pull out with a few birds I’ve selected for a couple hatches first. I have one a young cockerel here that might help depending how he develops. His pattern is off but doesn’t appear to have the slow growth gene. I suspect he’s lacking some restrictors or that are incomplete anyway so I’m curious to see how that goes. I had some nice ones coming along last year but we had a mink show up and managed to get into the building through the vent and kill a bunch of them. I’ll post some pictures of my progress. These ones are partridge based as opposed to the wheatens I’ve been working on.
Breeding / Re: New Hampshire pattern project
« Last post by John W Blehm on February 11, 2023, 11:26:30 PM »
A search on this forum for Black-tailed Red brought up this old topic on New Varieties.
Breeding / Re: New Hampshire pattern project
« Last post by Johnny Parks on February 11, 2023, 10:09:33 PM »
Hello Frederick,
Thanks for joining us.  Your birds have very interesting colors extremely similar to some in my project.  Your rooster's coloring is almost identical to mine.  However, I have been working on a re-create project to achieve Black Tail Red Ameraucana bantams.  I hope to capture a much stronger mahogany color pattern.  I say a re-create because I became interested in this color variety after seeing pictures of some stock created by a former member, Jim Tuckwood.  John Blehm had posted pictures of Jim's birds onto the forum. 
I contacted Jim and learned that he had sold all of his Black Tail Red bantam stock.  He had no recollection of whom he had sold them to.  At this point, I began to learn as much from Jim as I could about how he set out to create them.  I've contacted Jim several more times and we have had good discussions.  One main thing that I learned from Jim is that he never was pleased with their feathering.  He had used Rhode Island Red bantams crossed to ameraucana bantams for his first generation stock.  He was unaware that the RIR bantams carry slow feathering genes that he introduced into his Black Tail Red project. 
Learning from Jim's attempt, and speaking with Mike Gilbert for advice, I have hopefully learned how to avoid the RIR's slow feathering gene being introduced into my project. 
I think Royce was breeding large fowl Black Tail Reds from a cross of LF Wheaten Ameraucana and Buckeye.  Hopefully, he will share with us about his project.  I'm not sure what work Janie has been doing.  Hopefully, she will share with us also.  Enjoy your birds, Frederick, and again we welcome you!
Exhibiting, Promoting & Club Notes / Michigan Alliance Meet: Sauk Trail
« Last post by Russ Blair on February 11, 2023, 08:22:33 AM »
I just received an email confirming my Meet request for the Sauk Trail Poultry Show at the Hillsdale County Fairgrounds in Hillsdale Mi. This is a two day double show to take place May 27-28, 2023 with an entry deadline postmark of May 10, 2023. Please contact Amy and Lucas Gabbard at to request a show catalog or for any other information. This is a fairly new show that they brought back so they could use all the help they can get. Anyone that has been involved in putting a poultry show together knows very well all the hard work that goes into them. Amy and Lucas have always went above and beyond to try and make this a show you will not want to miss. Hope to see a good turn out of Ameraucana, especially since this is the closest show to me with it only being an hour from my place  ;D
Breeding / Re: New Hampshire pattern project
« Last post by Russ Blair on February 11, 2023, 08:09:45 AM »
Looks like you are well on your way. The second from bottom picture cockerel looks really good. There were some others working on a red project as well. I think Royce, Janie and possibly Johnny Parks if I remember correctly. Hopefully they chime in, they will have more knowledge than myself. Oh thanks for joining us  ;)
It will be great to see you again Stacy, I am picking a few breeders out this weekend to start conditioning and cage training  ;D
The Missouri State Poultry Spring Double Show is April 15th in Sedalia, MO. This is a one day double show. Hope to see you there!

Exhibiting, Promoting & Club Notes / Re: Spring Alliance Meet requests
« Last post by Michael Muenks on February 10, 2023, 08:28:34 PM »
Last call for meets for publication in the spring newsletter. The current list may be found at Please complete a meet request form from and provide the show information and send it to
Ameraucana Marketplace / Bantams for sale, in Michigan
« Last post by John W Blehm on February 10, 2023, 05:40:19 PM »
I started the incubator earlier than expected and I'm getting more eggs each week than I can set in my setter. The following birds, that were hatched last year, are for sale now.
Bantam lavender: 5 hens & 1 cock for $25, if you pick them up here.
Bantam black: 2 hens & 1 cock for $15, if you pick them up here.
Please email me if you are interested. John at

Update...Had the 1st hatch of the season today and these lavenders are producing fertile eggs with a high rate of hatchability.
Breeding / New Hampshire pattern project
« Last post by Frederick Mansfield on February 10, 2023, 12:15:42 PM »
Hey folks. I've recently joined here but have been breeding Ameraucana for many vears in particular
LF black and blue wheaten. I had taken an interest in developing buff and blacktail reds and in the process have ended up with these guys as an added result. These are more for my own tastes for color as I love the New Hampshire pattern first and foremost. Interested in hearing some thoughts on them and some ideas for improvement. I have many more pictures but figured I would start with these first.
I must say I'm very impressed with the database you guys have built here and has a lot of invaluable
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