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Breeding / Re: Wheaten chick down
« Last post by Russ Blair on January 08, 2023, 10:49:43 AM »
I just want to ask a quick question. How is the fluff/down color? I was told by Mike long ago that they should have a grayish undertone. I can attest the gray downed Wheaten seem to always have better tail color and wing color at least in the females. I am just wondering if the lighter chick down had any  correlation to the down color?
Housing, Health & Hatching / Sevin Insect Killer Dust
« Last post by John W Blehm on January 07, 2023, 03:57:50 PM »
I've used Sevin-5 Ready-To-Use 5% Dust on my chicken roosts and bedding for many years. The active ingredient was Carbaryl and contained 5% of it. They have now "updated" and changed the active ingredient to Bifenthin with just .1% of it. This Sevin Insect Killer Dust may be new and improved and I don't doubt it. I just want others to be aware of the change in case it makes a difference to them.

How Does Bifenthrin Work?
...It's a synthetic pyrethroid and mimics the naturally produced pyrethrums that are found in chrysanthemums. It works on contact and by ingestion and paralyzes the insect, causing death within minutes or hours.

When is Sevin not Sevin?
In recent years, newer, more powerful pyrethroid insecticides have come to dominate store shelves, making carbaryl harder to find.

A couple forum links about Sevin Dust...
Breeding / 2023 hatch
« Last post by Russ Blair on January 07, 2023, 09:43:32 AM »
I am a little late but here’s my first hatch 1/2/2023. Looks like (all bantam)2 Wheaten, 1 Silver and 6 blue/silver splits (test mating a blue cockerel). Set 42 eggs and had 20 fertile, when I candled them at day 7, that went into lockdown. Hopefully fertility picks up now the lights have been on longer. My goals this year are to test mate my black and blue bantam breeders to ensure (or at least make a honest attempt) I have my blacks based on sex link gold and blues sex link silver. I am also hoping to build up my wheaten and blue wheaten bantam flock since last year I had a really poor hatch rate (due to old breeders). Unfortunately I am doing the same with my large fowl blue and brown reds thanks to the predator attack of 2021  >:(. I hope everyone’s hatches and breeding season are successful as well.
 I bet you will Stacy.   No doubt in my mind. 
For the Blue card is was Judge Michael Wasylkowski from Delaware.  He actually commented on all 3 boys and spoke about their consistency in color and type.  He looked at Harley for a few minutes before he made that final AOSB decision.  The Black Hen was nice so I totally understood why he selected her.   :D   This is my favorite variety color.  Nothing quite pops like that fiery orange color.  ;D

But hey, that's okay Mike, give me a couple more seasons and I hope to have boys in this variety that are consistently in the running for the best of class!   ;)

Sorry I had to show off my Brown Reds.   lol.

Thanks Stacy!   Who was the complimentary judge?
Sorry I had to show off my Brown Reds.   lol.
Black was the most exhibited variety at this show
Here are a few more photos
This one-day, double card show was held on Saturday December 10, 2022 in Smithfield, NC.  We had 5 Open exhibitors and 3 Junior exhibitors showed a total of 40 (33 LF and 7 bantams) Ameraucana in 6 recognized varieties (Black, Blue, Brown Red, Self Blue, Wheaton and White) plus 1 project colors (ermine).  The show boasted nearly 1000 birds with a nice showing of large fowl Ameraucanas in the Open show.  :)

Blue Card Open Show results
BV, BB, Champion AOSB with a Black Hen by T&M Sumatras
BV, RB, Res. AOSB with a Brown Red Cock by Stacy Melton

White Card Open Show results
BV, BB, with a Black Hen by T&M Sumatras
RV, RB, with a Black Cockerel by Stacy Melton

Yellow Card Junior Show results
BV, BB, Res. Champion Jr. AOCCL with a White Pullet by Shem Abel

This was a good show with lovely Ameraucana on display.  I thought this might be the day my Brown Red Cock, Harley, would be Champion AOSB as he was in prime form and showing off for the Judge.  But alas, he missed it by some feathers….  Literally.  LOL.  He had not quite grown back in his full beard but the Judge did say he was the nicest Brown Red he had seen on the East Coast.  What a great compliment for this color. I was happy Harley (a great ambassador for my favorite variety) got recognized.  I love this breed!  ;D

Other breeders who attended and/or exhibited at this show were Megan Abel, Shem Abel, Frank May, Tom Kernan, Mary Lewandowski, Kim Ramsey, Danny Moore, Kaylee Lackley and Madison Lackley.   

Attached are a few photos of the show.   Enjoy.   :D

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