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Bantam Black Breasted Red
« on: July 10, 2018, 04:51:47 PM »
From some of my bantam outcrossings I've ended up with a few BB red pullets.  There may be some cockerels also, but since they are identical to wheaten males I figured all of them with that phenotype were wheatens and may have sold several as culls earlier in the season.  I would have to catch the several I saved and check their toe punchings to know their parentage.
A couple of the pullets appear to have a dilute gene, since they are extra light.  This may have been in the silvers and perhaps enhanced the silver/white color.  Maybe it also reduces or covers autosomal red in the silver males (?).  Anyway, the best pullet may be useful for someone to use with a silver male to produce silver pullets.  I could bring her to Portage...just let me know.
Also, If you have an interest in the best dark BB red pullet let me know. 
There are a coulple more like the ones in the photos, but they have darker heads and may carry charcoal (cha) or some other eumelanin enhancing gene.