Author Topic: What is the Fastest You Have Been Able to Get a Bird to Regrow Beard and Muffs?  (Read 63 times)

Steve Neumann

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I am curious if there are any tricks old timers have developed for accelerating feather growth if you unexpectedly lose some beard/muffs before a show.

Russ Blair

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Higher good quality feed really helps steve. My custom layer/breeding ration is around 18% protein. This time of year I always have them throw 100lbs of black sunflower seed in it when they mill. So not sure what that does for protein level but I have had good luck with this mix. I have seen beards come back in 4-6 weeks. It's the main tail feathers or wing feathers that take longer
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Brett S.

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Boost their vitamins and minerals. Protein is essential in feather growth, so you'll want to feed more like a starter/grower or game bird feed. I've seen people add kelp powder, cayenne pepper powder and BOSS for their other vitamins.

Edit: Separating them will also help in case you have birds that like to peck at others beards and muffs.  ;D
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