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Areas our Officers are in charge of...
« on: January 16, 2019, 06:08:19 PM »
Our Board of Directors for 2019-2020 is listed below along with their appointed duties.  Please contact the appropriate officer with matters concerning the areas they are in charge of with a copy to their assistant. 

President: John W Blehm - Treasurer & Assistant to all Club Directors
Club Director: Stan Alder - in charge of the Exhibitor Points and assisted by Jeff Sonsalla
Club Director: Russ Blair - in charge of Club Meets and assisted by Steve Neumann
Club Director: Rebecca G Howie - Webmaster/Social Media and assisted by Monique Mankin
Club Director: Monique Mankin - Newsletter Editor and assisted by Rebecca G Howie
Club Director: Steve Neumann - in charge of Memberships/Ameraucana Directory and assisted by Stan Alder
Club Director: Jeff Sonsalla - in charge of Club Meet Awards and assisted by Russ Blair
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