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February Bantam Chicks
« on: February 11, 2019, 01:54:35 PM »
With 6 to 12 inches of new snow in the forecast for this week, I was happy to be able to make the 35 mile round trip trek to my friend's house to pick up another batch of chicks this morning.   Jim has been doing all my hatching since I sold him my cabinet incubator.  He had 67 waiting for me, including these 30 Ameraucana bantams.  There were 13 Wheaten and Blue Wheaten, 10 Black from a trio mating, 4 White from a pair mating , and 3 Silver from a pair mating.  The color marks on the heads indicate different matings until I get them home to toe punch them for permanent I.D.   Fertility has been very good, hatchability so-so, but some of those eggs got pretty cold before they were collected.    And then we watch some other birds through the windows.  Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal choose separate feeders. 
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