Author Topic: National Geographic Magazine Easter Egg Chicken issues  (Read 881 times)

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National Geographic Magazine Easter Egg Chicken issues
« on: February 24, 2019, 03:50:43 PM »
I'm offering my two old National Geographic Magazines to an Alliance member for $20 or the highest bidder, by Sunday, March 3rd.  The April, 1927 issue sells on eBay for about $14 with shipping and my copy isn't in great condition.  The September, 1948 issue appears rare from my online searches and my copy is in quite good condition.  Much if not all of what is in them can now be viewed online, so these are for the person that wants a physical magazine in the hand of collector.

Quote from: me
I have THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE issues from April, 1927 and September, 1948.  These are the two that give insight into the blue egg laying south American mongrel chickens that were known at the time as "Araucana" and "Easter Egg" chickens.  They have since evolved, thru selective breeding, into the Standard Araucana & Ameraucana breeds and of course there are still the mongrel Easter Eggers.

The 1927 magazine doesn't have much on the subject, but there is a great color portrait (below)...the classic artist's conception that is also reprinted in the 1948 issue...and a paragraph saying they were discovered in 1914.  For anyone into chickens, in general, this issue is great.  It has the articles The Races of Domestic Fowl, Fowl of the Old and New World and America's Debt to the Hen, along with many illustrations.  The articles are old, so it is more history than useful current information.

The 1948 issue has the Easter Egg Chickens article that gives an in depth story about the birds coming to North American, along with some nice color photos.  Glancing back over the article I don't see combs mentioned, but that the imported chickens looked like they were already crossed with different North Americana breeds before coming here and I believe every comb type was probably showing up.  Some of the photos show a single comb and what looks like a walnut comb.
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Re: National Geographic Magazine Easter Egg Chicken issues
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John, I would be interested, but I already have both of them in my collection.   Anyone interested in the history of colored egg chickens in North America should have both these editions. 
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Re: National Geographic Magazine Easter Egg Chicken issues
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2019, 08:11:38 AM »
John - I have the April '27 issue already, but would love to be the starting bidder on the one from September '48. Thanks!