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LF Brown Reds
« on: March 24, 2019, 11:17:15 AM »
Hello everyone,
  I have hit my mark with my brown red hatching goal. I have a cock and a few pullets/hens (last years hatch) I could do without if anyone close to me wants a good start in them. I am keeping a Cock that I got from John and 3-4 pullets. If anyone is interested in them I could deliver them to the DFFC spring show. I could do 1 cock, 1 hen 2 pullets for $40 to Alliance member just to make room for young birds. These are breeders and not  necessarily show quality. I will tell you the one hen might not be pure ER/ER but most likely ER/eb (partridge). The Cock may very well be the culprit and not the hen, I had two that I was rotating over the hen. All chicks hatched from these Matings were  brown red in appearance. But when I used a cockerel over the pullets (from that mating) that's when the hidden eb showed up. I got 2 chicks with that phenotype out of 20 so that tells me at least one pullet and that cockerel (which I culled) carried ER/eb. I just want everyone to know exactly what they are getting  ;)
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Re: LF Brown Reds
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You need to move further south so i do not have to drive so far to get birds. Do you still have these? Send me a private message of facebook if you do please.