Author Topic: Silent Auction & Shipping Birds to Ameraucana Western National  (Read 315 times)

Michelle Muldowney-Stevens

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At another national I attended, a few members shipped birds to enter in the show and then auctioned them in the club's silent auction. As long as import rules are being followed, Janet Tipton and I are both up for accepting birds if there are members interested in doing this. Just get in touch with us to make arrangements.

Also, if you'd like to make a donation to the auction such as shipping birds, chicks or eggs directly to a winner (this allows members not able to attend the National a chance to bid, too) please let us know so that we can make a certificate to post at our table during the show.

Russ Blair

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Re: Silent Auction & Shipping Birds to Ameraucana Western National
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Just wanted to let people know I just donated the only box of Ameraucana chicks that will be available in 2020 to this auction. It will be an assorted box of 20-30 Ameraucana Bantams. It could include Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Splash Wheaten, Wheaten or White. I will plan on shipping them around April or May depending on Michigan weather. Enjoy and good luck to all that attend.
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