Author Topic: 2019 Ameraucana Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Richard Orr  (Read 87 times)

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Richard Orr, from Monroe CT, joined our Ameraucana club in the early 1990s originally and rejoined a few years ago.  He served as a club director for several years and wasn't shy when it came to writing reports for our newsletters.  Richard didn't settle on greenish Ameraucana egg shells and always insisted on "blue".  He is probably best known in the Ameraucana world for writing THE EARLY HISTORY OF THE AMERAUCANA BREED AND CLUB, back in 1998 and made a few minor revisions to it in 2015.  I remember Richard drove to one of our national meets, here in Michigan, bringing his late son Eddy with him.  He really went the extra mile to get involved and promote our breed of chickens and club.  They drove home thru Canada with crates of chickens in his hatchback and customs didn't give him a hassle...maybe because he wears a sheriff's badge.   ;) 
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Re: 2019 Ameraucana Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Richard Orr
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Congratulations, Mr. Orr! Thank you for your commitment to the breed!