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Lifetime Achievement Award policy
« on: June 06, 2019, 10:16:58 AM »
Approved by our board of directors...

Ameraucana Lifetime Achievement Award policy

The idea for the “Ameraucana Breeders Award” was conceived by Don Cable and instituted, in 2001, at our National Meet, in Galax, VA.  Within a few years the award was renamed the Ameraucana Lifetime Achievement Award and a member has been honored with it each year.   
This policy requires any member considered for the award to have been a member for at least ten years.  Each year the President will ask Board members and VPs to submit names of members they feel should be considered for the award based on the member’s achievements that fit with our mission statement…”an alliance of folks focused on the promotion of standard bred Ameraucana chickens and positive support for those interested in standard bred Ameraucana chickens”.  The President will decide on one member to receive the award for that year, have a plaque forwarded to the honoree and recognize them in our Newsletter. 

Some points to consider…
•   Supported this breed club by being a member for 10+ years
•   Volunteered time to serve as a club officer
•   Contributed financially to this club above and beyond paying dues
•   Promoted our breed and supported membership by publishing articles
•   Supported & encouraged others by contributing to on our Ameraucana Forum
•   Paid for a Lifetime Membership
•   Improved and/or created a variety(s) thru breeding 
•   Promoted our breed and breed club by exhibiting
•   Promoted and/or supported in other ways…