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Cesar Villegas

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Climate affects body
« on: July 24, 2019, 12:39:54 PM »
Here’s a picture of the same bird. The top picture you see the lack of depth, the bottom you see more depth. I’m thinking this has to do with climate. I’m in the Phoenix area where we have extreme heat. The left picture was taken at 108 degree weather. The right was this morning on a cool cloudy and rainy morning. I must say I’m a impressed on how these Wheaton’s have been heat tolerate. They’ve been laying well in the extreme heat.

I’m thinking they shrink up to expell heat. Could this be right?
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Rebecca G Howie

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Re: Climate affects body
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Hi Cesar,

Since your post, I have watched mine and they do look deeper and fuller bodied in the mornings and later evenings. By midday and afternoon they don't look the same and I think it could well be the heat.

I did put fans up and put a half gallon milk jug with frozen water in it, placed in front of the fans  (poor man's AC)  which helps. If I don't get the frozen water out in the pens by 11-12, they are fussing about my neglect   8)