Author Topic: Adding hatch baskets to GQF 1550 Hatcher  (Read 1428 times)

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Adding hatch baskets to GQF 1550 Hatcher
« on: February 13, 2020, 04:42:13 PM »
The GQF 1550 Hatcher comes with a cardboard box to slide into the bottom to hatch chicks in besides the four metal/wire hatch baskets with covers that slide onto tracks up above.  I had bought some pedigree type hatch baskets at a swap meet that the guy had gotten from the MSU poultry department.  I've given several to other Alliance members and still have two, so I thought I would use them instead of the cardboard box.
First I'll mention that I have had aluminum pans cut and bent to fit into the bottoms of my incubators.  These pull out and can be easily cleaned and the bend in the back helps direct the air flow inside the cabinets.
I cut some Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic to fit in the bottom of the cabinet.  I figured out where I wanted the PVC tracks for the hatch baskets to sit on and laid it out with a pencil.  I drilled clearance holes for tiny screws thru the FRP.  Since I didn't have double-sided tape I used adhesive to position the PVC tracks in place, flipped it over and fastened them with the screws.
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