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Re: Some Good News!
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Mindy, when I said/say "breeder" I was/am referring to the term EXACTLY as it has been used by John and others on here and I would imagine is pretty well understood by most whether it be regarding chickens or any other animal.  From what I've seen most people who haven't been living in a cage are well aware of the difference between an actual breeder and those who breed by throwing some birds in a pen to make more layers or a little money to help with the feed bill.  And in the thing that I wrote up, years ago to folks who had an interest in chickens, I made that abundantly clear.

And no, reasonably we do not "need" to meet people in the middle.  As John said, the concern should be on Truth.  We also don't "need" to help people learn the Standard.  Only those who have a desire to learn and who have an interest in breeding to it AND/OR exhibiting.  While it doesn't take an Einstein to figure out and know how to select a Breeder it's probably prudent to remind folks that buying chickens and getting into Poultry is not unlike anything else.  Steering them to only 'breeders" is NOT misleading IF their desire is to get a particular breed for the purpose of that breed, perpetuating that breed, improving that breed, and/or showing that breed. 

Your truth claim there is false.  Especially when looked at thru your "especially when" because I highly doubt a hatchery if gonna take the time to even ask what a buyer's expectations are nor the typical backyard chicken farmer that breeds his birds to help the feed bill.  Steering them to an actual Breeder is much more likely to result in the Buyer's expectations be determined and addressed.  I absolutely will not sell any of the four breeds I show unless I talk to the Buyer first.  Period.  That's eggs, chicks, or otherwise.

And I take offense to your insinuating that I have or am villainizing the hatcheries.  I never have.  With the possible exception of when a hatchery has been informed that they are NOT selling Ameraucanas but rather Easter Eggers and their "Americanas" are misleading but they continue to do so.  Even that would depend on how one defines "villainize".  Nor did I see anyone else on here villainize hatcheries.  As I CLEARLY said in my post above "When deciding on whether to go hatchery or breeder, and when making a comparison between the two, you simply have to look at the goals of each. "  That's the Truth.  They are two different entities with two different purposes and the Buyer should buy knowing and accordingly for whichever serves their purpose.
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