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2020 Ameraucana Southern National Wrap-up
« on: November 13, 2020, 06:07:34 PM »
Ameraucana Southern National
Rebecca G Howie

The Year of Covid 19 has given everyone multiple challenges and changed the way we live and socialize, even the Poultry World has had to adapt. That is one of the great things about human beings, we can adjust to our changing world and sometimes make it better.

This year we had planned an Ameraucana Southern National at the Missouri State Poultry Association show in Sedalia, MO a few weeks after the Northern meet in Michigan. That show was cancelled and after discussion with John Blehm about a private Ameraucana show, The Southern National Committee, made up of Sherry Klaus, Lisa Helms and myself, decided to go for it. Sherry Klaus volunteered to host the private show at Klaus Farm in Foristell, MO, open only to Ameraucana Alliance members and their families.

Having been involved with planning rather large events in the past, I always appreciated the effort that clubs put into planning and hosting the shows. I had an idea of what it took to set up and execute the show, then clean up after the awards were presented. It is no small task!

Klaus Farm is a lovely place and there was a very nice workshop that could be used as a show room. At first we expected a small turnout and thought we might have a type of “bring your own cage” style of Yard Show. Positive response to a Southern Show led to a search for more cages. Sherry located cages available from St. Charles County and Warren County which were close enough for her to haul to the farm and Lisa Helms borrowed cages from Jodi Forhan. Whew! We had plenty of cages to house our guest Ameraucanas. Sherry and Wes Klaus turned to making sure that the exhibitors were comfortable and had shelter in the event of rain and cold weather. Two huge event tents came to the farm, one of them equipped with heaters (and we made use of those).

The entries poured in and the count was up to 242 birds! Our hearts were set on single stacking of the Ameraucanas in order to show them at their best with good lighting. So, with that in mind one of the tents was transformed into a large fowl showroom, while the bantams filled the workshop showroom. Wes measured and remeasured to arrange both areas with generous isles for our exhibitors to browse. We also had a very nice sales area and Silent Auction room. The setup was beautiful!

Now, Wes Klaus is a man of many talents. After days of welding table stands together, arranging them, and with the help of Sherry, Lisa, myself and volunteers Tracy Buck and Bronwen Brune the coops were set in place. Wes made several sets of boot pullers from horseshoes for our raffle. He then went to the grocery store for food. Wes planned a terrific Friday evening meal served in the tent for the early arrivals. The next morning there was a breakfast spread to get the day started and after the show we enjoyed a late lunch. He is a very good cook. He seemed to be everywhere and ready to help with everything, when his name was called. Sunday morning there was French toast for those cooping out late.
Sherry garnered 9 wonderful gift baskets, donated by Manna Pro for our winners. She also ordered some very unique Awards from a favorite artist to top it is all off.

Our raffle table overflowed with generous offerings from exhibitors, their spouses, and business supporters.
I cannot thank Sherry and Wes Klaus enough for their hard work and gracious hospitality to our Ameraucana Family of exhibitors. They really went beyond all expectations with their generosity.

I am proud to say Phil Bartz was our judge and he was very excited to be there, even after I told him how large our little backyard show had grown. He was very open to explaining what he was looking for in the Ameraucanas and how he judges those traits. He also shared how he deftly snatched birds out of the cage without any drama. I have to say, for me that was very exciting to learn how to consistently put my hands on a bird without having their wings flapping in my face.

Fifteen exhibitors made it to Klaus Farm bringing a total of 86 Bantams and 81 LF. Every recognized variety was represented in Bantam, with only silver missing in Large Fowl.
We also had some fine quality project varieties at the show. Robert Rennolet brought a LF Barred cockerel. Janie Mead Vila had LF Erminette cockerels and a pullet. She also had a LF Mottled hen. We had the Bantam Lavenders from John Blehm and Robert Rennolet. Robert also had a Red Pyle cockerel and I brought a Splash Wheaten pullet.
Becky Pelton has been working with Erminette for 13 years and Mr Bartz was very complimentary of their type and quality. We all look forward to seeing more of them in the future!

The traditional Ameraucana Egg contest continued with 12 entries at the Southern Meet. Stacy Melton checked them in, Jeannette Brandt judged and Lisa Helms clerked. Robert Rennolet placed Best in LF eggs, John Blehm was Reserve. John Blehm was Best with his Bantam eggs, and also Reserve. The color and quality of the eggs were outstanding!

Four juniors competed. Keirsten Klaus, of MO had BV & BB & Reserve Champion Overall (Jr) with her Bantam black cockerel and William Vila, of VA had BV & RB with his Bantam white hen. Daniel Cook, of MO had BV, BB & Champion Overall (Jr) with a LF black cock. RV & RB with a LF black cockerel went to Keagan Plantenga of Il.

In Open Bantams the largest variety class was 23 wheatens followed by 18 blue wheatens and 17 blacks. Best of Breed was a blue wheaten pullet by Rebecca G Howie, of AR. She was also Champion Ameraucana Overall! Reserve of Breed was a black cockerel by Keirsten Klaus.
In Open Large Fowl the largest variety class was blacks with 35. Blues had 19 and blue wheaten had 6. Best of Breed was a blue pullet by Sherry Klaus, of MO. It was also Reserve Ameraucana Overall!  Reserve of Breed was a black cockerel by Lisa Helms, of MO.

I want to personally thank everyone who contributed to the success of the 2020 Ameraucana Southern National Meet. It took all the efforts of a talented team of dedicated enthusiasts and donations to make it happen.

Michael Gilbert and John Blehm posted a lot of wonderful images of the winning birds and Alliance members who were present at the Southern National on this thread -
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Re: 2020 Ameraucana Southern National Wrap-up
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Great report Becky.   Was a great show Sherry and Wes went above and beyond.   🥰