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2021 chicks and hatching eggs
« on: November 21, 2020, 01:44:12 PM »
Booking chicks for Season 2021.
     We will be only taking 10 orders of Large Fowl and 10 orders of Bantams.
Available in Large Fowl are White, Black and Buff
Available in Bantams are Black, White, Wheaten Blue Wheaten, and a very select few of BBS.
         Prices for the Large Fowl will be $12 per chick and for the bantams $7 per chick, and that is also the shipping costs included in the price.
        We are very sorry about increasing the price on the chicks, but the shipping costs have also raised. 
Pre pay orders only.   You can contact me by email. Or by phone 304-923-6424.