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Air Movement
« on: July 03, 2021, 06:16:16 PM »
Looks like more very hot days ahead this summer.   One of my fans for the coop bit the dust (literally) so I picked up another today at Walmart.   This one is specifically for dusty areas, as it has a sealed motor.   The ones I had been using did not have that feature.   As a plus, this one moves more air (7,000 CFM), even though they all have been 20 inchers.   Plus this one is heavier.   I could get the old ones I had been using for under $30 on sale at Menards, but this one was not on sale and set me back about $50.    I think it will last a lot longer, as the old ones wore out after about one to one and a half seasons.   I have not lost any birds to the heat so far, but I do keep the air moving inside the two buildings when it is hot.
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