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Erminette variety
« on: March 13, 2022, 12:59:37 PM »
Becky Pelton, from SC, has been working on erminette Ameracuanas for 14 years.

A search on Classroom @ the Coop for “erminette”, a few months ago, brought up this post talking about both the ermine and erminette varieties.
“Ermine is the same as the columbian variety, and is found in various European breeds. I would say this pattern was named "Ermine" in Europe before the American breeds were developed, later named "Columbian". Then later again, the main gene responsible for this pattern was identified & named Co - Columbian. These breed true.

There is another variety called "Erminette". This is a totally different pattern, & different genetics. Erminettes are black and white splashed, usually white based, with black splashes all over. The Erminette gene is incompletely dominant, so yes, doesn't breed true.”

F. B. Hutt used the symbol "Er" for the erminette gene (not to be confused with ER).
Erminette is like dun and blue, in that it doesn't breed true.
Erminette X Erminette = 1/4 black, 1/2 erminette & 1/4 splash erminette chicks.
Erminette X Black = 1/2 erminette & 1/2 black chicks.
Erminette X Splash Erminette = 1/2 erminette & 1/2 splash erminette chicks.
Splash Erminette X Black = 100% Erminette chicks.

I use "splash erminette" to describe the true breeding variety when a chick inherits two copies of the Er gene.  I assume these pure (Er/Er) birds would be mostly white with black spashes, but not nearly as much black as the heterozygous erminette variety. If there is already a name or better name other than splash erminette, please let me know.
The variety with two blue genes (Bl/Bl) is called splash or splash blue.
The variety with two dun genes (ID/ID) is called khaki or splash dun.
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Aquil Thomas

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Re: Erminette variety
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2023, 11:35:53 AM »
I am really interested in learning more bout this project, and getting involved if I can help. Can someone give me some guidance on the route to take.

Rebecca G Howie

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Re: Erminette variety
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2023, 12:18:19 AM »

There are a few breeders in Missouri working with LF Ermines, Lisa Helms and Michael Muenks, perhaps others.

I am in Arkansas and am working on downsizing to a bantam Ermine variety as is Michael Muenks.

Stacy Melton

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Re: Erminette variety
« Reply #3 on: August 21, 2023, 09:38:42 AM »

Becky Pelton has a facebook project page for the Ermine.  Contact her via her farm page DustyBugs Poultry and she can assist you in joining the group.  These breeders are active in the current project, working toward getting the color situated so they can get it recognized in a few years.  They should be able to answer more of your questions and maybe help you locate someone to help you get started in the color project if that is your desire.

Good luck and have fun!   ;D