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APA Ameraucana Standard changes
« on: March 01, 2023, 08:00:52 PM »
Hello everyone it seems there was a discussion about some changes being made to our Ameraucana standard. After a few emails with the interim chair of the APA standard committee Donald Barger this is what I found out. There will not be any changes to the Sliver variety. It was rumored that they were planning on changing the color description of our Silver Ameraucana to refer it to silver leghorn instead of silver dutch but they are keeping the reference to color pattern the same as it has been, Silver Dutch.

Now they are changing the color pattern of all Brown Reds (not just Ameraucana)

The Brown Red color description for all breeds will be;
HEAD: Deep orange. NECK: Deep orange, with narrow dark stripe through the middle of each feather, terminating in a point near its lower extremity. FRONT OF NECK – Black with very narrow lacing of deep orange. BACK: Black. TAIL: MAIN TAIL – Black. WINGS: Black. BREAST: UPPER BREAST - Black with very narrow lacing of deep orange. LOWER BREST – Black. BODY AND FLUFF: BODY – Black. FLUFF – Black. LEGS AND TOES: LOWER THIGHS – Black. UNDERCOLOR OF ALL SECTIONS: Dull black.

Finally it sounds like they are going to finally correct the tail angle on our females to 40 degrees from horizontal instead of the mistaken 45 degrees that has currently been published.

I just wanted to pass this new information on to our members since it came in to late to be included in our spring newsletter.

S.E. Michigan

Stacy Melton

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Re: APA Ameraucana Standard changes
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2023, 10:18:54 AM »
On the Brown Red color changes.

It says Back: Black.  I am assuming this black is for the females and the male's Back and Saddle will be the orange wording like the head and/or hackle?  Or am I reading this incorrectly?  Just double checking  ;D

Happy to see the female tail angle corrected.