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Here is another ad, designed by Rebecca. Just to give more ideas of what can be done. I just sent her my farm logo, a couple pictures and the text I wanted included (in order of priority). After 1 or 2 minor adjustments it was complete.
Mike we also received a full page ad from Jeff Smith, at Cackle Hatchery, and John Blehm yesterday   Rebecca is now designing an ad for me also, which looks very nice so far. There’s a few members and vendors I  still need to follow up with and reach out to but we are definitely getting some much needed support. Which I am truly grateful for, I have always said the generosity of our members are what make our Ameraucana Alliance the very best breed club out there. I am also hoping some members send me a couple informative articles to include, to help new members etc. This weekend I will start laying out the handbook and getting the introduction etc going. It is shaping up to be another high quality Ameraucana Handbook, John left some pretty big shoes to fill but hopefully the end product meets everyone’s expectations. I will say I couldn’t have done it without the help of the design team, Rebecca and Michael, along with some others. This has truly been a team effort with the same goal in sight  ;)
That makes a great start!   Michael M. has my ad copy and will be working on it. 
Just a friendly reminder that we are still taking and designing ads for the up coming Ameraucana Handbook. Here is an ad from an anonymous donor, along with another farm ad, that Rebecca Howie designed. I am only sharing it to show that any content could be included in the ads, it doesn’t necessarily need to be Ameraucana or Farm related. Please just let me know at and I will assign you to a personal designer that will work with you one on one.

I would also like to thank our member Pedro, from Brazil, for his generosity in buying a full page ad that he designed himself. He also just emailed me that he is now designing an ad for fellow Brazil native and current Alliance member Bruno. Thank you both for your generosity, it truly is appreciated.

Thanks for reading
I apparently had the wrong information for paying through PayPal I corrected it in my original post and am also including it below. Anyone that prefers to pay using that platform please make it to:

I apologize &
Thank you
Russ Blair
Rebecca I have received copies of the two history articles that Mike Gilbert, who graciously went through and updated his, and the one that the late Richard Orr updated for the 2018 Ameraucana Handbook. I also received one from John Blehm discussing chick phenotype that was also published in the 2018 Ameraucana Handbook. Which some of these articles can only be found in our Ameraucana Handbooks, through becoming a member or purchasing them through our Alliance. Which I believe is a true asset to our Ameraucana Alliance, that we need to protect and keep for years to come. No other club has the claim of having a first hand account, of not only our Ameraucana recognition process and those involved, but also how our Ameraucana Alliance was formed.

I have not received any new material to date and welcome anyone to send me something in word format, preferably, by August 1. Since the Ameraucana handbook is geared as an introductory informational booklet that every first time member receives free with their membership, I still think it is wise that submitted articles be informational and not dated material that might change before they are handed out. We have handed out and sold 700 from 2016 thru 2024, with 500 of them printed in 2018. Just to give everyone a rough time line I expect them to last for.

Once I receive all the articles, and know how many we have, then I figured I would bring them to the board for approval and ask for suggestions etc.I believe we have room to include several other articles and hope we receive some. I am personally writing an article to discuss how I condition, and prepare birds for exhibition. I don’t know it all but it was a topic I am comfortable in discussing and one the good Lord has blessed me in, probably more than I possibly deserve? I feel that was a good topic for an article that new members, and anyone new to exhibiting poultry might find helpful?

I appreciate your question as it also brought up the need to remind our members to get any articles submitted to me as well by August 1 for our consideration.

Oh and I also will be sending out soliciting emails hopefully this weekend. I actually sent an email out earlier today to Michael and Yourself discussing this and including a list of members with interest as of now.

Thank you for asking and reminding me to mention the opportunity for our members to submit articles. I am hoping to have the 2024 Ameraucana Handbook printed and in hand by September 1, 2024. It is truly appreciated and welcomed.

Russ, do you plan to send solicitation emails to all Ameraucana Alliance members for ads in the Handbook?

Have we received any informational article to review for the Handbook.


Rebecca G Howie
Ameraucana Alliance Member since 2016
Elected Board Member since 2019
Lifetime Member
Ameraucana Alliance

Will do Russ.
Mike if you could please send the information to me and I will forward it to the design team. This way I can keep track of who all takes ads, and also spread the work load so no one designer is overwhelmed. John did send me some of the ads that were placed in our 2018 Ameraucana Handbook that I will be including in the solicitation emails this weekend. Thank you for your support in this project and the many other in previous years.
Russ, put me down for a half page ad.   Let me know who to send my ad copy to for formatting.   Is John also doing that?    Thanks.
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