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Breeding / Re: Fluff on rooster backs
« Last post by Suki on January 28, 2020, 01:23:19 PM »
I kind of like the first roo in the pix and don't want to cull him.  Thanks!
Fred Jeffries of the "Bantams Chickens" book has a line in his book I've memorized:  Your flock will have the defects (diseases) you allow.  It's unfortunately all too true.
Breeding / Re: Ameraucana Standard weights
« Last post by Suki on January 28, 2020, 01:18:22 PM »
I wonder if its a western trend.
No.  It's quite common in the east as well.  The weighing issue came up on the APA list one day and late Standards Judge said, and many judges agreed, they are "supposed" to weigh them by hand.  While that is probably true, I think some don't care, or don't know the Ameraucana standard and just "average" what they think it should be.But large LF Ams are king in the East.  You are not alone Cesar.
Housing, Health & Hatching / Re: Vaccinating
« Last post by Suki on January 28, 2020, 01:15:01 PM »
Depending upon your Tractor Supply they have them too.  If not in the store you can order online and ship to the store for free.  I have never had to do the latter because I know the manager and just tell her "we need some."  Most stores are quite obliging.
Ameraucana Marketplace / Re: ISO Blue Chicks or Hatching Eggs from LACING project
« Last post by Suki on January 28, 2020, 01:12:01 PM »
Try your fellow South Carolinian Temple.  She's down there often and has them...I think bantams only though.
I think they should be dated on one bird for the gift date and the flip bird should be our inaugural date.  They are meaningless otherwise anyone could make one.
Congratulations Mike.
Exhibiting, Promoting & Club Notes / Re: lavender vs self blue
« Last post by John W Blehm on January 28, 2020, 10:27:36 AM »
Here is the sad news that we've known was inevitable...

Quote from: email from Bart Pals

I hope all is well with you and your's.

I am contacting you to announce the Board of Directors voted to include the Self Blue Ameraucana into the Standard of Perfection at the APA board meeting in Columbia, Mississippi on January 24th, 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. As always, if I can be of any help just let me know.

Bart Pals

As the breed club that represents Ameraucanas we'll add large fowl "self blue" as an APA recognized variety, but personally I've never had a true self blue chicken and will continue to breed and show my lavender Ameraucanas.   ;)
Breeding / Re: Fluff on rooster backs
« Last post by Dawnalysce Clifford on January 27, 2020, 08:49:53 AM »
Thanks Russ and Mike for your kind replies.  I have decided to use one of the fluff hip ones because he's pretty good otherwise.  Just hope the hens will add something because the fluff hip look is ugly to me.
Breeding / Re: maturation rates, early crowing and aggression
« Last post by Dawnalysce Clifford on January 27, 2020, 08:47:20 AM »
Wow, interesting Janie!  Since people buying them prefer roosters that are less aggressive and I want to improve the maturation rate of my birds, I'm going to try using mid-range maturing roosters.  I've noticed a few chicks over the years with the slow feathering issue that leaves a nearly bald area over the shoulders.  They also seem to mature more slowly.  Will steer away from using those!
Congratulations to Michael K Gilbert!  He has earned over 800 Ameraucana Exhibitor Points after adding in his wins at our 2019 Ameraucana Eastern National, in Ohio, on October 5th.  Our Exhibitor Points are tallied from meet reports after they are published in our Ameraucana Newsletters, so it takes a while for official tallies and then plaques to be made and mailed before these awards are received.  Thanks to Mike's neighbor and Alliance member, Bob Walchak, for making the presentation.

Quote from: Mike
Bob and Theresa Walchak dropped by our house this afternoon and brought the Alliance plaque.   I must confess I had no idea I had reached a points threshold that would merit receiving any type of award from the club.   I don't track points - don't even remember when we started to keep track of them as a club.   But it is a beautifully constructed, very solid award and I thank the Alliance for it...
Thanks again.

Mike Gilbert
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