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hello, do you have any black lf hatching eggs or chicks for sale ?
Exhibiting, Promoting & Club Notes / New Ameraucana Alliance logo
« Last post by John W Blehm on May 03, 2020, 05:11:47 PM »
We went without a club logo for several years and in 1985 a plea was made for one.  Rusty Hart of Michigan designed our first logo and you can see it and read a little about it's origin by clicking on this link.
I asked Rusty to draw a new portrait to use in an updated logo.  The board has approved it and I've attached it below, both in full color and a black & white version.  All Alliance members have the right to use our club logo to promote us and high resolution images can be requested from any Alliance officer.
Not only has Rusty donated his time and talent, but also given us the pencil colored 11" by 14" portrait to auction off as a fund raiser for the club!  More details on that we be in our summer Newsletter.
As an original artwork given to the Alliance we hold the copyright and others may not use it.  The photo, below, of the portrait is blurred but the person that buys the portrait will get real thing!  8)
Breeding / Re: Wheaten/Blue Wheaten History (LF)
« Last post by John W Blehm on May 02, 2020, 08:18:40 PM »
Mike covers it with his HISTORY OF THE AMERAUCANA FOWL article, that is only available in our Ameraucana Handbook.  Check pages 15 & 16 in the 2018 version or pages 20 & 21 in the 2016 handbook.
Breeding / Wheaten/Blue Wheaten History (LF)
« Last post by Cesar Villegas on May 02, 2020, 07:44:52 PM »
Anyone know the history of the LF wheaten and blue wheaten?
All orders are now filled. Thanks!
I sent you an email :)
If you or any other Alliance member is interested, I have room left for three orders of hatching eggs this year. Delivery would be mid/late May. Email for info.

If you have the time to invest I suggest outcrossing with the best large fowl black you can find to produce lavender/black split chicks to then breed among themselves to produce better lavenders, if that is the goal. 
This year I didn't have any LF lavenders to breed from, but I've produced some nice lavender prospects from blacks I have that carry lavender.
Ameraucana Marketplace / wanted, another blood line of lavender ameraucanas
« Last post by John W Blehm on April 27, 2020, 10:22:49 PM »
Started by Tim Boozer
anybody have hatching eggs or chicks for sale ? standards

Ameraucana Marketplace / Re: ISO Buff bantam pair
« Last post by John W Blehm on April 20, 2020, 06:04:11 PM »
Ellen,  I finished collecting hatching eggs for the season and have two males I can ship or you may pickup here to use on loan.  I'll email follow up with an email.
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